Cool Out Sun

How HOT! Is this video clip??

We are beside ourselves, walking around jamming to this beast track by one of our faves, Cool Out Sun. ‘Fire For’ is their official debut EP which is propelling them to higher heights as if they weren’t high enough. If you know what’s good, you'll press play NOW. The video clip is directed by an incredibly talented & multi-skilled Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore.

COS is an Afro-Soul outfit that simmered onto the scene with an explosion of introspective, retrospective soul-food you need to experience to believe. The all-star line-up of African Australian Heavy Hitters boasts some of the most influential names in Australian music inviting you to wake up, cool down and just do you....
The beats are provocative, the lyrics powerfully imaginative.

Comprised of four creative characters, Lamine Sonko (The African Intelligence), Sensible J (Remi / House Of Beige), N'fa Jones (House of Beige) and Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra / Future Roots), the collaborative push boundaries in Hip Hop, infusing world music with an inclusive Afro heart beat we invite you, to vibe to. Come be a part of the Cool Out Sun fam on all your devices & platforms click here