African Women In Business

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OATV In Collaboration with Insight Academy recently hosted a sold out event about business. Here's a recap on the night.

This was a FREE event with an objective of bringing professionals and entrepreneurs together to build networks, foster professional development and explore business opportunities.

It was a fabulous night full of inspiring stories by African Women In Business.


About the Speakers:

Dorcas Utkovic (MC)
A fabulous, feminine force” Dorcas is a Producer, Writer, Director, Fine Artist and Artistic/Project Officer. She worked on the set of one of Australia’s biggest export, channel 11’s Neighbours for 7 years in the costume and digital department(s). Dorcas is the Creative Producer/Coordinator for the vibrant annual event One Beat One Love, which forms part of Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Cultural Diversity Week. She is also former Coordinator for the Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations in Melbourne.

Nehanda Yemaya Rusere
An actress and all-around artist. She created a brand and movement called OSHUN-LILITH that is based on products and services that support women to heal and transform their lives.

Simone Aybar
Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic in Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa, U.S.A. She is the Co-founding member of Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia. Dr. Aybar opened Balanced Body Chiropractic, in 2014 to join Melbourne Eastern Healthcare in Boronia, an integrative facility with a focus on patient-centered healthcare.

Veronica Kioria
Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Valley Learning Centre, Director of Interlink Consultants and Ashley’s Health Care. A business practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in designing business systems and strategies for clients in a diverse range of sectors including VET, Early Childhood Education and Care, Professional Services and Health. A track record for setting up systems for small businesses looking to be Registered Training Organisations and successfully leading to registrations.

Dr. Topoyame Moremong-Nganunu (Unfortunately she was unable to attend)
Dr. Topoyame Moremong-Nganunu (BA, MA, MBA, PhD) is a Botswana national who has taught and consulted throughout Africa, the Middle East and the world in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. She is the lead coordinator/consultant of Mentor Entrepreneurship Global Group in Africa and the co-founder of Botswana management consulting firm, Development Management Associates as well as the founder of BATHU-BEDU Business Consult.

Madiba Tale


Watch Ata's story

It’s a great thing to forgive
— Atakilty ‘Ata’ Woreita

Meet Ms Atakilty ‘Ata’ Woreita.
Born in the northern part of Ehthiopia, Tigray, Ata left home as a refugee to several countries before settling in Australia.

Along the way, she came across Nelson Mandela and his values. The biggest lesson she took from Madiba is the power of Forgiveness.
What’s your Madiba story? 

MaiSha Kids

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This amazing brand is owned by two young and driven Batswana women, Mai and Sha (hence the name MaiSha).

Mai(tumelo) is an aspiring plastic surgeon, wife and has a great love for kids’ fashion.

Sha(thie) is a mother, full time civil engineer and wife. Her son Zade inspired her to embark on this journey.

MaiSha Kids is an online baby and toddler shoe store. Their handmade genuine leather shoes are designed in Melbourne, Australia. Although the brand is Australian, it radiantly showcases the owners' ethnicity. All MaiSha Kids shoes are named in Setswana; a language spoken in Botswana.