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3 Basic Hair Care Products you need

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Learning to care for and love your natural hair is a core part of the natural hair journey.  
— Adwoa Agyapomaa
3 Basic hair care products you need
Here are 3 basic products and methods that will make the natural hair lifestyle easier and enjoyable.

1. When it's wash day, look for shampoos and cleansers that contain Decyl glucoside and Cocoamidopropyl Betaine as these are gentler cleansers. Avoid cleansers/shampoos with Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. These are oil strippers and remove the already low levels of oil in natural hair.

Some naturals and curly girls avoid shampoos all together and just 'wash' with conditioner. The trick is to focus on the scalp and use the motion of the tips of the fingers on the scalp to remove dirt.

I recommend a combination of gentle cleansers on some weeks, and conditioner-only cleansing on other weeks.

For gentle but deep cleansing, go for MoistureLover's (ML) Deluxe African Black soap with plantain extract and infused with moringa and neem oils. 

The ML Black soap offers added nourishment while you cleanse.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner. True conditioners interact with the hair to neutralise charges on the surface. This reduces static and makes it easier to comb. Ideally, the conditioner should also return the hair to its ideal pH, making manipulation of the hair easier.

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A leave-in conditioner should also offers hydration, so choose conditioners that are water-based.

MoistureLover hair makes an Organic shea butter leave-in conditioner with either organic chamomile or peppermint. These will condition while returning the hair to its ideal pH.

3. Moisturise using the Liquid, Oil, Cream (LOC) method. The LOC method is a process of layering moisturising, lubricating and sealing products in an order that offers maximum hydration to coils and curls.

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The liquid can be a water-based leave-in conditioner or just water. The aim of the liquid is to moisturise. The oil lubricates the hair and seals in the moisture from the liquid. The final step - the cream - (this can also be a butter like Shea butter) reinforces the moisture retention by sealing it in.

A Peppermint infused or vanilla-scented castor sealing oil from MoistureLover Hair is a nourishing way to lubricate and lock moisture into your tresses.

The Castor Sealing oils are particularly handy for sealing the ends of twists and braids in preparation for twistouts and braidouts.

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Adwoa Agyapomaa is a Natural hair product entrepreneur and founder of MoistureLover Afro Care. In 2004, she made the decision to love her hair exactly as it grew from her scalp - after over 10 years of relaxing her hair.

The MoistureLover Hair range is for natural girls and anyone who wants to be natural in their hair care. You can find the range at three locations: Afro Hub, AfroTrends  (Melbourne) and at moistureloverhair.com

You can find the range at three locations: Afro Hub, AfroTrends (Melbourne) and moistureloverhair.com