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Join RUN FOR A CAUSE to help raise funds for Australia Aids South Africa Inc. (AASA) who partner with urban and sub-urban community organisations in South Africa. These organisations work to ease the effects that individuals with HIV/AIDS encounter.


Australia Aids South Africa Inc (AASA) is an Australian-registered Not-For-Profit organisation, which was founded in 2003 with a mission to relieve the pain and suffering of those is South Africa infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. By partnering with urban South African communities and organisations, AASA raises funds in Australia to ease the financial burden individuals with HIV/AIDS encounter.

DATES: Sunday 28 October 2018
LOCATION: Point Ormond, Elwood (Google Map)
EVENT PAGE: Buy Ticket Here

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Sanny Veloo aka @sannygotsoul not only sings, plays guitar and writes songs in the key of universal love, but he will be performing at this year's RUN FOR A CAUSE
Sanny is familiar with being surrounded by the likes of Fall Out Boy and has performed along side other Grammy award winners. Later this year he heads to the Hollywood Hills to begin work on his solo album catch him in Melbourne before he leaves Australia.

There will be lots of food to fuel your appetite.

There will be lots of food to fuel your appetite.

To get you warmed up before your run, Callanetics with Ania will have you sorted.

To get you warmed up before your run, Callanetics with Ania will have you sorted.


Sinethemba – Cape Town

Sinethemba provides home based care to people infected by HIV/AIDS. Monitoring and education is at the forefront of the organisations objectives. AASA assists Sinethemba by providing resources to facilitate training and education programs to the facility’s Home Carers. This includes supplying the carers with uniforms and professional development workshops.

House of Resurrection – Port Elizabeth

House of Resurrection is a home for children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Many children living at the facility are infected with the virus and/or have lost their parents due to the epidemic. Children living at the facility are cared for until the age of 16. After 16 children work with the facility social worker to find adoptive and foster parents.
AASA supports House of Resurrection by financing the position of the social workers. Many of the children living at the facility suffer emotional trauma and find it difficult to cope with school work.

AASA also assists in the employment of an afterschool care teacher to assist these children with school work.

Tygerberg Community Outreach Program – Cape Town

Tygerberg Community Outreach Program supports post-acute teenagers, after they have been discharged from hospital. AASA funds educational camps to teach life skills to these teenagers who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, and come from very low socio economic families.

iThemba Lethu – Durban

Themba Lethu works to support children who are aged between 10 and 18 years of age and display risk taking behaviour. The facility aims to implement engage children at a young age, instilling in them the value of self-worth. Behavioural change programs are implemented at the school in order to reduce risk of taking behaviour and HIV infection.
iThemba Lethu also implements a 5-year HIV Prevention Program to enable the community to build healthy families. The facility assists with home visits, one on one counselling and monthly educational workshops.

AASA supplies the facility with clothing, books, toys and home goods.

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