Madiba The Musical

In Conversation with the Stars of Madiba The Musical

In 2018 Australia fell in love with Nelson Mandela many times over. Madiba The Musical is one of the prominent events that contributed immensely in bringing Madiba's legacy closer to the people's hearts.
In a clever serve of fiction, the critically acclaimed musical employs Madiba's story as a backdrop that helps bring to live relatable stories of personal and political struggles, triumphs and a look into the future.

We had a chat with the stars of the show, Perci Moeketsi and Ruva Ngwenya who play Nelson and Winnie Mandela respectively. 

Australia and New Zealand played a vital role within South African history of Apartheid regime through the anti-apartheid movement(s) (AAM). While the history is multilayer and cannot be unpacked on this platform, it's worth noting that the active groups comprising unions, churches, NGO's, South African communities and broader range of public activists campaigned (mainly through Sport sanctions and later financial sanctions in the 1980s) to assist in eradicating the apartheid system.

And while we're here, it should not be forgotten that the South Africa's Apartheid system was designed to closely emulate Queensland's Aboriginal Protection Act (1897).  
Therefore, it makes sense that as the said countries look towards a desirable future for all citizens, legends such as Nelson Mandela need to be held in high esteem within our current and future history.


International critics have hailed it as ‘a story that touches our hearts’ ‘magnificent’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘fascinating’.

The powerful and uplifting Madiba the Musical is a soul-stirring celebration of the visionary leader Nelson Mandela. The epic show pays tribute to the charismatic icon and activist whilst exploring the struggles, racial conflicts and divisions behind his unyielding crusade for reconciliation in South Africa.

The show about destiny and desire springs to life with vigour and heart, and looks to forgiveness beyond the hate.

It is a story of forbearance, passion and hope in the fight for a brand new world of modernity and freedom. With its pulsating African dance, strident and haunting drama, stunning visuals and inspiring songs, Madiba the Musical is a unique theatrical experience to lift our spirits.

“The best show about my grandfather” – Ndaba Mandela, Paris Match (Nelson Mandela’s Grandson)

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