Thursday 12 July @ 7pm Loop Project Space & Bar, Melbourne
Every individual I interviewed is part of a much larger picture; they’re defining their countries creative scene. They’re setting the foundation, and that in itself is powerful.
— Albertina Ncube

3rd screening for ‘Abantu People of Art’ will be held in Melbourne.
Collaborating with Melbourne’s ColouredBold, prepare yourselves for all kinds of art created by POC!
The night is going to be one you wouldn’t want to miss out!

During her time in Zimbabwe in 2017/18, Albertina created ‘Abantu’ short documentary film. ‘Abantu’ (meaning ‘people’ in Zulu & Ndebele languages) highlights the lives of young creatives from Zimbabwe & Botswana as they discuss their artistic practice and industry challenges in Africa and ultimately, globally. 

Albertina Ncube is a Photographer living in Perth. She is the owner of ‘ATN Photography’ and specialises in portrait and event photography. Albertina ventured into this industry because of her passion for storytelling through visual imagery. As a photographer and creative, her ambition is to shine a light on
what was once dim and provide a platform for people of colour to recognise that they are beautiful and we
are one.